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This piece is a collection of love notes and handwritten conversations, transcribed onto a patchwork cloak of paper and fabric.
Remember that I Love You

This project began as an exploration of the beauty of handwritten notes; they are understatedly beautiful and so precious to the person who receives them. The work evolved into a semi-wearable cloak because I loved the act of stitching things together by hand and how it mimicked the personal effort that went into each note. The cloak created isn’t entirely comfortable, and can get in the wear’s way, but it can keep you warm from the outside in. It is not built for someone who needs it practically, but rather someone who needs to take a second to see themselves from the outside in through the eyes of those that love them.
I collected handwriting excerpts from notes precious to me, and precious to people around me as content for the project. The ways in which the words are assembled in the final piece don’t make a whole lot of sense and are often humorous but each comes with its own story and its own place in somebody’s heart.
“Hey Buddy, keep the beard.”
“Bananna, don’t ever forget your the best kraken in the sea”
“A little friendo for you I’m so thankful to have met”
The material of the work followed its text naturally as scavenged materials sewn together with scavenged thread. This process of sewing the pieces to me was a meditation on the simple emotional labour of the notes. It allowed me to touch and reflect on each piece that went in.